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Village of Hope Update


Benson Baptist Church of Benson, N.C. came to the Village of Hope to aid the Bucha Church with Bible School and sponsor a Dental Clinic.

Bible School started June 20 and lasted four days.  On the first day there were 61 children from about age 3 up to teenagers, the last day there were 73.  The children were from Bucha Church, Village of Hope, and the community around the Village.  The Bible School team consisted of 2 young women, 6 young men and 7 adults.  The Bible School had an island theme based on islands from the Bible and each day a different island was visited.  The opening taught Bible verses, the word for the day and songs and body movements to go with the songs. Children were divided into age groups and each group attended activities such as crafts, music and etc. and after each class activity the children were guided by the teachers to the next activity.  The teachers had two Ukrainian helpers and one of them was an translator. The children and the adults were very energetic performing the activities.  A snack was served mid morning and a light lunch, hot dogs one day, sandwiches the next and etc. The last day ice cream cones were served as the snack. The children and adults really enjoyed the ice cream.  At the end of the day a closing was held with songs, Bible verses, activities and prayer. All of the openings and the closings were in English and then translated to Ukrainian.  After the closing the children played on the Village grounds. 


The Dental Clinic was set up in the Laurel House.  Dr. Larry Williams and Chris Underwood of Benson, four Ukrainian dentists and five dental assistants volunteered their time to work at the clinic.  The clinic was run very professionally and cooperation between the American and Ukrainian dentists was very good.  On some dental cases the dentists consulted together.   Eighty-eight children from the Village of Hope, Bucha Church and community were examined plus 15 adults from the community, some of the adults required extensive procedures.  Of those examined 56 children were given times to return for dental work and of these over half had more than one tooth that required attention. All five chairs were full all day each day.  I had lost a filling in route to the Ukraine and Dr. Larry did an outstanding job in repairing the tooth.  All of the equipment and supplies were furnished by the Mercy Truck. The Mercy Truck is a mobile dental office and carries supplies and equipment that can be setup to have four more work stations for dental procedures. The Mercy Truck is supported by donations and travels to orphanages to perform dental work.

Wingate and Ardmore Baptist at Bucha Church

Dental Clinic                                                       Vacation Bible School


Johnny's Open Table serves a meal to those in need of a warm meal or some fellowship. These meals take place on the first and third Sunday of every month. Please click here for the volunteer sign-up form. Please print the form, fill it out and return it to Sonny Ziegler or Hal Setser.

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Wingate Baptist Church is a fellowship of free and faithful followers of Christ witnessing and sharing the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ.  Through local missions in the Wingate community and global missions around the world, we wish to bless lives and share God's amazing grace.  Some of our partners include:


Union Baptist Association

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

Woman's Missionary Union of North Carolina

 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Habitat for Humanity of Union County


Turning Point

Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry

United Family Services

Wingate University


The Village of Hope
Ministry for At-Risk Children of
Kiev, Ukraine

Wingate Baptist Church has been a partner with the Village of Hope since 2002. The Wingate Baptist Church has sent work teams to the Ukraine every year since 2004. More than 35 people have worked at the Village of Hope and several people have made multiple trips to Ukraine. The Village of Hope is set up with foster parents ministering to ten children in a Christian home. Presently there are four families with a total of 28 children both natural and foster. Wingate Baptist missioners have aided in construction and funds to build four homes for the foster families. The high point of each team week is the Thursday ‘Tea Party’ for the children. The
children gather and Bible stories are read, crafts are made and refreshments are served. Team members have mixed concrete, poured concrete, laid bricks, removed walls in old buildings,
painted, installed drywall and many other construction activities.
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